- The Idea -

I started Zen Soundproof with one main goal to assist people who wants to turn their home into a peace haven. Any piece of information is shared to inspire people to claim peace at home and quiet the noise of their everyday life.

- The Beginning -

When I was an exchange student in Québec, Canada, I used to live in an old style house with very thin walls. From the kitchen noises, the screeching woodlfoor to the TV sounds, every of those noises came from the hosting lady and were preventing me from sleeping.

From this period, I started to wear ear plugs to sleep every night. I continued to do so for years.

What struck my mind was how much I slept better and how much I enjoyed total silence for one dedicated moment.

Another experience I had with Silence was a buddhist retreat in India where we had to make vow of silence for 10 days. Not a single word to anyone for 10 days (Yes like in movies). This was quite a revelation in terms of listening to my mind and how my environment affected it positively (or negatively).
I could write pages about this retreat but the most important take away, is that I realized how much important it is to have at least a moment in the day where you can listen to “Silence”. It can be any place that you choose at home.

Those two short stories are amongst the reason why I started this blog. I want to help people realise the importance to remain alone in your own silent space. It can be in the form of a bedroom, a studio, an office, anywhere really but implementing silence to it is essential.

- How do I build content ? -

I have been through the process of renovating, furnishing and arranging my newly acquired home. I know how difficult it can be to gather the necessary information as they can be scathered everywhere over the Internet. 

Any piece of information shared are either experienced myself, either acquired by extensive investigation on Internet, and crosschecked by confirmed professionals.

I am very thorough when it comes to understand and pass on knowledge. My profession as a Mechanical Engineer for 7 years helps me explain materials construction, and main acoustic principles.

I am not sponsored by any third party companies, I objectively write about solutions that can fit the best your needs. 

- Why reading zenSoundproof ? -

So why should you read Zensoundproof ? The main reason is you want to improve your home experience by focusing on healthy goals and build your perfect zen space where the major words should be relax and enjoy.

Here are reasons that constitute the core of this site, if you connect with them, then you should enjoy its content : 

  • You want to bring in mindful habits, starting by bringing in more silence in your daily spaces
  • You want to find quick and comprensive fixes to soundproof your already cosy home
  • You want advices about home equipment orientated towards your well being rather than commercial purpose
  • You want to save time and stop looking for ideas scathered all over the internet

Please have a look around, hope any piece of content will bring you closer to a quieter and healthier home.

Ludovic Chung-Sao

Founder and editor of ZenSoundproof

The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear